International forwarding by road transport

We perform international forwarding in the entire European Union.

Our experience enables us to transport cars expeditiously and decrease delivery time and costs to the maximum extent.

Performance of our services are top quality, speedy and trustworthy. A special attention is given to the clients, thus, we take a flexible consideration of their desires and requests.

The cars transported by our vehicles, pursuant to the provisions of the CMR Convention are insured for the sum above one million Euros, so the clients of our company need not worry about their cargo safety.


As we have long-term agreements and huge collaboration experience with a number of EU enterprises, we can offer transportation of new and trade-in cars to various destinations.

Our trailers are equipped with modern technologies and ground positioning systems (GPS), which always provide expeditious and precise information about the cargo location and ensures its monitoring in real time.


Our personnel are true professionals, so we can offer assistance to less experienced CEO’s and specialists in dealing with burning issues, and our qualified drivers can train beginner truck drivers.

Numerous contacts in Germany enable us to consult and assist starting transport entrepreneurship in this country.